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White Lion Moving & Storage is here to make your next move as easy, safe and stress free for you! We have years of experience helping people like yourself who are moving from states all across America or even within Florida itself. With our professional team on hand we will take care not only about the transportation but also unpacking at destination so that everything goes smoothly without any hiccups along the way. What kind of furniture can we handle? Everything you can throw at us. We’ve handled complicated big moves and small ones. Consider the following types of furniture. Our professional movers can help you with any of them.

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White Lion Moving & Storage is headquartered in Boca Raton, FL with offices throughout South Florida. We can handle:

  • Local moves in South Florida
  •  Long distance moves into and out of South Florida

We also offer secure storage for your items with 24/7 CCTV security provided.


We can move anything, so you don’t have to worry about the size of your living room. All we need is a little bit more space than what’s currently being used for storage!

Our team will wrap up any furniture in padding and fit it through doors before carrying them out – no scratches whatsoever; just clean walls or floors when they’re done with their job (depending on preference).

We know a lot about moving furniture. We’ve seen it all and we can handle your delicate antique pieces with care, including art for the walls or bookcases that will be perfect as decoration in this new space you’re creating!

Moving Specialty Items

Speaking of art and antiques, we can also move other specialty items such as pianos, cars and motorcycles. Just let us know what specialty items you need moved when you contact us, and we will work out the arrangements.

Moving The Garage

The garage! Even if you’ve done a good cleanout of items, you likely still have items like bikes, ping pong tables, ladders, lawn equipment and many more items in your garage. With White Lion Moving & Storage, we’ll make a thorough assessment of what you need moved and provide the men and equipment to get it done.

Moving Office Furniture

White Lion Moving & Storage is perfect for the boss who needs their office moved. They specialize in handling business moves, including furniture such as giant conference room tables and beautifully polished desks with one corner office!

Storing Furniture

As noted above, we have all the storage space you need for your move. We provide 24/7 security through a high-tech CCTV system. We can hold items for as long as needed and transport them to your new location.

Gun Safes

We can handle moving a gun safely. We handle moving these heavy safes to save you the trouble of doing it yourself. It also allows you to have gun security in your new home from Day 1.


Every decision we make is based on what will be most practical for you. We are tedious about sticking to a schedule and pay attention to even the most mundane details. Our end goal is to make sure every aspect of the move works out in your favor.

What separates White Lion from the competition is our seamless ability to tailor the moving experience to you.

We offer just enough options to ensure you have everything you need for a successful moving experience. But not so many options that we end up making empty promises.

We have mastered every single one of our services. Our movers have trained and put in countless hours of practice to ensure that we surpass your expectations with your moving experience.

Find ways to help each customer minimize the cost of their move. At White Lion moving, we know the fear that is often associated with the cost of hiring movers. That is why we work with you to create the most realistic and practical plan that fits your needs. We will never try to push extra services or fees on you that we know you don’t need.

We encourage you to look through our website and check out our services. But don’t stop there. Research other companies and look up reviews and moving threads. Think about what is best for you. If you know you will be paralyzed by the anxiety of packing and unpacking- let us help you with that.

Once you determine your budget and your non-negotiables, we can develop a plan that fits your needs and makes you feel comfortable and relieved.

We remain flexible and attentive to each customer’s needs before the move. One of the scariest things about moving day is feeling like you don’t know what to do or where to start. But here at White Lion, we hold your hand throughout the whole process.

We prepare way ahead of time and help you do the same to ensure the smoothest move possible.

But I’m nervous there will be too many moving day surprises…

Don’t worry; we get this all the time. We assure you that we have successfully made hundreds of moves and, we have come across almost every type of “moving surprise” out there. If there is anything you are particularly nervous about, let us know, and we will walk you through how to handle (or how we would) handle that situation.

We will also communicate throughout the entire process and have a foolproof method of ensuring everything is done quickly and efficiently. Don’t be afraid to come to us with even the most minor details.

Arrive with DOT inspected and clean equipment in mint condition. We know the excitement and fear that comes with moving into a new home. The last thing we want is for you to start this new journey with broken and dirty equipment. That is why we allow for extra time to ensure superior quality control.

One of the number one reasons people opt to hire movers is to save time. We can help ensure that all of your equipment is move-in ready, clean, and in mint condition so that you can get comfortable in your new home as soon as possible.

We treat each customer’s home and possessions with a high level of care. Rest assured that we have strict and foolproof procedures in place to ensure your home and possessions survive the move damage-free. Our movers are trained to maneuver even the smallest of spaces with delicate care.

You are investing a significant amount of money and trust in a moving company. Don’t settle for a company that will not respect that. At White Lion, we put a lot of thought into our moving strategies. Our priority is to make this a stress-free experience for you. We do so by respecting your time and possessions.

All of our movers are trained on the logistics of moving and the importance of doing things right. We prepare well in advance to meet timelines without having to rush the process.

Notify the customer immediately of any delays or damages. It’s a fact of life; sometimes, you can do everything right, but somehow, accidents still happen. If for whatever reason, anything is damaged during the move, we will be the first ones to notify you.

Our movers are all held to the utmost standards of integrity. Should anything go off-track during the move, we work as a team to communicate it and fix it as quickly as possible.

Our communication policy ensures that we keep you up to date on any significant changes throughout the entire move.

Handle claims promptly and fairly. Should anything go sideways during the move, we have procedures in place to help you handle your claim. We pride ourselves on our integrity, so rest assured that any mishaps will be dealt with quickly and fairly.

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