Moving to Florida for College

Which Florida College is Best For You?

So you’re set on moving to Florida for college. Whether it’s the sun, the party, or the academics, we’re glad to have you! Life in the Sunshine State is different from everywhere else, especially if you’re in college. With the beach always a short drive away, you can’t beat the lifestyle you can find in Florida as a college student. At White Lion Moving & Storage, we can help get you here. If you’re still unsure which school is best for you, we put together this guide to the most popular Florida colleges to help you decide.

University of Florida Gators

The University of Florida might be the most well-known Florida school due to its consistently top-rated football program. It’s a selective, public university with an acceptance rate of 35%. It has an undergraduate population of around 35,000. The student-faculty ratio is 17:1, relatively good for large, public universities. There is no shortage of parties, either. The Princeton Review ranked the University of Florida as #16 in the top party schools. Gainesville will quickly become one of your favorite cities for the memories you make — but may not remember!

 Move to Miami, Florida for College

The University of Miami is a private college in the south Miami city of Coral Gables. With a 27% acceptance rate, the undergraduate population is around 11,300, with a student-faculty ratio of 12:1. Although it’s a small school, it’s still well-known for its football program.

This small university is also a classic party school. After all, how couldn’t it be? It’s located in a city mostly known for its parties! Miami boasts some of the best nightlife in all of the United States and the world. If you’re moving to Florida for college to party, you’re sure to get it in Miami. Don’t forget about Ultra Music Festival in your backyard, either. If you’re moving to Florida for strong academics and hard partying, this college is for you.

Florida International University, the public option in Miami, is much larger. With 49,000 undergraduates and an acceptance rate of 58%, it has a 25:1 student-faculty ratio.

 FSU Seminoles

Florida State University is instantly recognizable as the Florida Seminoles. It’s a public university with a 36% acceptance rate located in the state’s capital, Tallahassee. The student-faculty ratio is 20:1, with an undergraduate population of about 33,000. FSU gives you plenty of options to continue your education after your bachelor’s. It has a College of Business, a law school, a med school, and a joint College of Engineering with Florida A&M. With its own “College Town” district located just south of campus, the party is never far away.


Move to Tampa, Florida for College

The University of South Florida is a public university located in Tampa, close to the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay. With an acceptance rate of 48%, its undergraduate population hovers around 33,000. Its student-faculty ratio is 23:1. USF is known more for its academics than its social life. Companies such as Goldman Sachs typically students as interns frequently. But there is plenty of party in Tampa if that’s what you’re looking for. Downtown Tampa and Clearwater Beach are hotspots for social events. If you’re moving to Florida for an academic-oriented college campus, USF is the right fit.

 UCF in Orlando

The University of Central Florida in Orlando is a massive public institution sprawling across 1,415 acres. The undergraduate population is about 60,000, with an acceptance rate of 44% and a 30:1 student-faculty ratio. UCF has been ranked as one of the top party schools in the U.S. When you put nearly 60,000 college students that close to downtown Orlando, you’ll be hard-pressed to get away from a party! Students also get discounts on tickets to Universal Studios.

 FAU in Boca Raton

Florida Atlantic University is located in Boca Raton, which is between West Palm Beach and Miami. Travel about half an hour in either direction, and you’ll be in some pretty exciting cities with bustling nightlife. FAU is a public college with an acceptance rate of 63%, an undergraduate enrollment of 25,000, and a 21:1 student-faculty ratio.

Although FAU is mostly a commuter school, it’s been ranked among the top party schools in the nation. And if you move here for college, you’ll only be a short drive away from the excitement of Miami.

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As you can see, if you want to move to Florida for college, you’ve got plenty of options. For those who want to focus on academics, the University of South Florida and the University of Florida provide great student-faculty ratios in top programs. If you’re looking for a party, the University of Miami, UCF, and FAU have you covered. When you decide where you want to move for college, let us help you get there. Give us a call or contact us to get started!

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